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Engineering | Procurement | Construction | Commissioning

Our Expertise

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Industrial Property

(Roof Mounted installations)

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Commercial Building

(Roof mounted installations)

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Solar Farm

(Ground mounted installations)

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Feasibility Study

  • Determine the consumption of power, roof area, roof condition, sitting of solar pv panel.

  • Design solar PV structural, electrical & interconnection, mounting system.

  • Prepare Solar systems electrical diagram, solar panel arrangement drawing, structural drawing

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Authority Submission

  • Submit application to related authority and licensing approval.

  • NEM assessment study for submission to SEDA to have the quota approval. 

  • Application to Energy Commission. 

  • Application for green investment tax allowance (GITA).



  • Acquisition of necessary materials, components and equipments.

  • Logistics and materials delivery management.

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  • Solar PV panel installation.

  • Project management- ensure the best quality of work and project deliver on time.

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Testing & Commissioning 

  • Ensure the whole system work accordingly.

  • Ensure the whole system comply with SEDA’s requirement.

  • Commissioning with TNB.

  • Liaise with related authority such as SEDA, TNB and ST for necessary submission/approval.

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Operation & Maintenance

  • Provide a complete solar operations and maintenance

  • Maximise the performance of solar PV Installations.

  • Both onsite and remote monitoring

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